ABOUT S7 Tactical

"S7 Tactical desires to provide training that will benefit you for a lifetime, giving you the skills needed to protect you and your loved ones."  - C. Ryan Stephens

S7 Tactical was a concept developed in 2008.  Our strategic intent was to increase the safety of military and law enforcement professionals through realistic and effective firearms training.  The company's name was initially chosen because we believed opinions, equipment and tactics in regards to shooting change over time; but, the seven fundamentals of marksmanship never change.  One can always rely on the basics to succeed. 

S7 Tactical has evolved over the years and our mission has driven us to serve not only law enforcement and military professionals but our community as well.  In 2017,  our mission is to humbly provide our clientele with superior service in line with the ever changing safety needs.  S7 Tactical understands the spectrum of protection needed and offers firearms, self-defense and combat fitness services.  

We believe in serving fellow men and women versus chasing profits.  When our clients are safe, empowered and can perform actions to increase their protective posture, then we have made a difference.

We believe in having an emotional investment in our clients. We want to have a stake in their professional and personal growth. The bottom line is we are in the people business, we just happen to own a gun range.

We believe in God, Country and Freedom.

Cartis R. Stephens, Founder/Trainer

Trip Leach, Co-Founder/Operational Manager